vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

International Aircooled VW specialists ( Kaefer werkstatt in Europe )

As my loyal readers allready know, I'd like to go abroad with my 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia campervan. However the worst case scenario is when you are strandded somewhere far away from home.

This map shows where various aircooled VW shops are located in Europe.

I created this list because it might come in handy. Most of these shops have been found in various VW aircooled magazines, others via Google search strings.

- Kafer revue ( deutschland)
- VW Scene ( deutschland )
- Super VW magazin ( France )
- VW Tech (France)

I have no connections / experience with these shops what so ever. I cannot be held responsible for any damage which might occur when you decide to get help from one of the mentioned companies.

If you have any comments; please let me know.
You can sent me an email: Briebelbus[@]Gmail.com or you can leave your comments below.

Käfer werkstatt
Kaefer werkstatt
Käfer service
Kaefer service
Beetle service
Bug service
Volkswagen herritage

VW aircooled specialist weergeven op een grotere kaart